你當為不能自辯的開口,為一切孤獨的伸冤。 (箴言 31:8)
Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. (Proverbs 31:8)

香港 / Hong Kong

Brother TC: From beginning to excommunication, my experience in Jesus Lifehouse Hong Kong

Brother ZH: How Jesus Lifehouse Hong Kong became an abusive church

Sister JK: Thanks God I left Jesus Lifehouse Hong Kong!

Sister NF: The pastor with two faces – My negative experience in Jesus Lifehouse Hong Kong

日本 / Japan

Fuji: 在懷疑之處繼續懷疑──耶穌生命堂之明與霧
Fuji: In case of doubt, go for the doubt – Light and fog at the Jesus Lifehouse

Michael Smith︰提防像耶穌生命堂一樣的「邪教」
Michael Smith: Watch out for “cult” like Jesus Lifehouse

Ben Ellsworth︰耶穌生命堂確實是一個「邪教」
Ben Ellsworth: Jesus Lifehouse is indeed a cult

Sarah︰Wrapped toxic faith, pray for healing for believers who have been damaged by Jesus Lifehouse

Power Hydrant︰隱晦地做跟耶穌教導相反的事,耶穌生命堂令我憂心
Power Hydrant: Subtly doing things contrary to what Jesus taught, Jesus Lifehouse made me worried

Bamdiki︰寫給無辜的人 – 我在耶穌生命堂的遭遇
Bamdiki: To innocent people – My experience in Jesus Lifehouse

Kate Libby︰不再害怕去說出來的經歷
Kate Libby: Not longer afraid to speak out

Brother Z:用我的經歷告誡人們‧關於耶穌生命堂的事實
Brother Z: My experience in Jesus Lifehouse

假如你曾經或正在耶穌生命堂遇到在信仰上的負面經歷,不要等待!我們可以給你提供支援! If you had or are having negative experiences in Jesus Lifehouse Churches, do not be afraid, we stand by you!




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