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“but test them all; hold on to what is good, reject every kind of evil." (1 Thessalonians 5:21-22)

Q: What are Cults and Heresies? What Bible tells us about them?

答︰關於邪教和異端 (上) / 邪教和異端 (下)
A: About Cults and Heresies (Part 1) / Cults and Heresies (Part 2)
Q: How I can distinguish potentially unsafe group/leader?

答︰經過學者多年的研究心得,已找出部份明顯的表徵/標記,可以參閱以下分析表︰潛藏危險教派或領袖的標記 / 你的信仰是否含有毒素?

A: After several years of study, scholars have arrived a checklist about potentially unsafe group/leader. You can refer to it:
Warning signs of a potentially unsafe group/leader
Q: Lifehouse church says lifegroup is a way following Jesus as disciple, that is why I have to listen to my lifegroup leader, any wrong with it?

答︰在健康的教會團體中,領袖(組長)願意接受任何提問,並且會盡其所能開誠佈公且明智地回答。他們會教導整全的聖經真理,並願意花時間去解讀經文,關注經文的前文後理、場景、歷史背景及其語言文法。可以參閱以下文章︰門徒培訓 vs. 極權環境

A: In healthy church group, the leaders are open to questions, and will do their best to answer these questions honestly and intelligently. Here, the entire Bible is taught, with attention paid to context, setting, history and grammar in teaching the Scriptures. You can refer to: Biblical Discipleship Versus A Totalistic Environment

Q: Isn’t Lifehouse Churces came from Hillsong churches? Can an Orthodox belief becomes a cult?

A: YES! A lot of unsafe groups grow from orthodox beliefs!
問︰我的朋友 / 家人正在參與生命堂教會,怎麼辦?
Q: My friend / family member joined Lifehouse churches, what should I do?

1. 合宜地以朋友或家人身份關心他們;
2. 鼓勵他們多閱讀不同的基督教書籍和參與主流教會活動,從中思考信仰並與主流教會保持連結;

3. 密切留意他們有否被教會領袖傷害或操控,如有的話需作出即時跟進

– 如果你是來自主流教會,讓教會內的傳道人或牧師知道你的朋友和家人的情況;

– 亦可通知耶穌生命堂關注組作出跟進;

4. 為他們切切禱告,適當的話把他們介紹到主流的正統教會。


A: The “K.E.E.P" Principle:

1. Keep showing your care to them as friend or family;
2. Encourage them to read different Christian books and join activities from mainstream churches, help them to retrospect on faith and stay connected with mainstream churches;
3. Extra attention to see if they were hurt or controlled by Lifehouse leaders, if YES, immediate action is needed:
– If you are from mainstream churches, inform your pastor about the situation;
– Or inform JLHCG for follow up;
4. Pray for them, refer them to mainstream churches when appropriate.
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