Sister JK: Thanks God I left Jesus Lifehouse Hong Kong!

I used to go to Hillsong when I was studying in Sydney, since I got back Hong Kong, I went to Jesus Life House as all of my sisters and brothers from Hillsong went to this church. At first I didn’t involve much church activity, since I started my cell group, I was asked to serve in church.

There wasn’t much pressure at first whilst P and after he went back to Australia with his family. Pastor Richard came on board, and we have changed a new venue in Jordon. Nothing much happened to me when church is still on Saturday night. But when Pastor Richard would like to change the worship time to Sunday afternoon, I already talked to the leaders and about my family as I could only attend church 3 times per month. I am living with my grandpa, my mom and two dogs, when my helper takes one Sunday day off per month, I will need to take care of the house. As my grandpa got stroke few years past, his half body is unable to move like normal people, he can’t walk properly and will need wheel chair always. Also I will need to take care of my dogs’ toilet times.

Indeed, I have told my leader about this situation of mine, however, she kept sent message to me, whatsapp, calling, to ask me to leave my family and go church, she said if I don’t attend church every week, I will not be able to attend cell group anymore. Her non stop messages are giving me a lot of pressure, so at last I sent a very harsh message to her, and she cried and reported to the senior level. The senior level talked to me privately and asks me to say sorry to my leader, which I did, then ask me to talk to my family so that I could attend church. Of course, I know as a daughter / grand daughter, its my responsibility to help out at home, just once a week, to me personally, it wasn’t a big deal.

Since this senior level know that she cannot persuade me, the Pastor would like to meet me and this senior level together and talked about it. I am in a real pressure that moment, he kept asking me why, I said you won’t understand my situation even I explained. He goes, so if in this situation, you will be cut off serving and cell group, as you can’t attend church. He praises some brothers in church which have totally changed his schedule. He said if I don’t go church every week, which means I didn’t even put God first. I didn’t argue with him, as I knew it won’t work, he is the pastor of the church, I have no guts to confront him at that time. Pastor Richard mentioned that he knows I think not fair, I am surprise he know about this, because I have only spoken to a very close sister in church. I cannot believe she have told the Pastor about this, and of course, the story is totally different to what I said. In fact, I am totally disappointed to this sister/a best friend of myseif. Since then, we seldom contact and just met out once. This is the toughest conversation ever, I cried so hard after this incident.

After this talk, I have finished my last serving and left church. My boyfriend however, was still in the church serving at that time. The pastor talked to him and asked him to break up with me, the reason is I left church and he could rise to another level without me holding him behind. The Pastor explains he did according to the head pastor in Japan to break up with his previous girlfriend, so that he could become a pastor now. He suggests my boyfriend should do so, my boyfriend rejected and left church eventually.

My boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend and her husband also attend this church. At the beginning we have some hard feelings, afterwards we treat each other as friends/sisters & brothers in church. Since we all go to Hillsong church before, we both have mutual friends. What I cannot believe is that whatever I wrote on Facebook status, they will eventually relate to this girl, and make rumors in between, vice versa. We both girls, do feel really upset about this, and thought it was something true before, turns out many unhappy moments. Then now we both can chat like friends and we have no hard feelings towards each other at all. I feel this church is really giving me many unhappy memories and the so called “sisters & brothers” inside is totally not caring, not helpful. I tried to date them out for lunch/dinner, I could never date them. But they could easily date each other out.

Thank God that I left this church and now already going to another church. The sisters and brothers there are totally different, they all very friendly and easy going, I can talk to them about anything and they will never spread out a single word.

It’s shocking to read all of your stories in this page. But I guess, God gather us together as a unity and let us to have a great power to confront this church. Lets keep this fire on

(Title added by the Editor)
(To protect the witness, “Sister JK” is a pseudonym)



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